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Since August 2017, AVAZ Association has been working for creating benefit of disadvantaged local community members and refugee communities in Sanliurfa/Turkey. Our projects, which are designed and executed by a group of civil society volunteers, aim to support the education and personal development of local and refugee women and young people as AVAZ’s primary interest groups.

At the very beginning of our work, as part of the Women Entrepreneurship Support Project, which we first established in August 2018 by partnering with a German NGO, we managed to establish a full-fledged tailor atelier for a women refugee to produce textiles based on individual orders at home. Although being extremely talented, our first beneficiary Ms.Savra was in need of financial and mentoring support, like many refugee women, to rebuild her life in Şanlıurfa. When compared to the near past, Savra is a much more powerful entrepreneur woman who is now able to get back on her own feet and make livelihood for her family, thanks to the benefits of the pilot project by AVAZ. You can click here to learn more about Savra’s story.

During the year 2019, our aim and our biggest wish is to provide similar support for at least 50 more women among the local and refugee community by expanding the project and to draw attention to the social multiplier effect of women empowerment at local and national level and to emphasize the long-term effects of individual-oriented micro-support for disadvantaged people.

In addition to supporting individual entrepreneurship for women, for the upcoming 5 years, AVAZ has set itself the goal of developing new creative programs for women who do have a potential but no profession or who seek alternative methods to apply their existing professional skills.

In this respect, we are very excited about our ongoing project, the Maker Trainers Training (please check the program content below) that will allow each participant woman to enjoy being a part of global network of Makers and of a professional creative production space.

With generous support of the Australian Embassy-Turkeyand in partnership with the Makers Turkey team, AVAZ Association aims to encourage 20 local and refugee women for (1)using the technology more effectively, (2)creating original products by synthesizing coding, digital design and electronics skills, and (3)most importantly realising their creative potential.

AVAZ’s goal is to make a modest contribution for any increase in the number of women who are able to support each other through local solidarity networks. The future which will be built by today’s disadvantaged individuals that are going to be able to develop themselves day by day and who share their knowledge and experience with other disadvantaged ones around them through formal or informal educational environments will be much more beautiful and worth to live than today.

Maker Training Program Schedule

Training takes start from the very basic level. The aim is to enable each individual who is trained, to produce something within the Maker movement and to transfer the knowledge to different persons. A part of the training will be carried out for creating projects. At the end of the training, trainees will become more equipped for individual project studies, open source project research, and for carrying out such projects.

Click below image for training report

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