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“Supporting Refugee Women’s Entrepreneurship:

Start-up Support for Sawra El Hıdır”

Main Goal:

Empowering women refugees economically & ensuring their social integration through a start-up support

Specific Goals:

  • Empowering a Syrian refugee woman
  • Supporting social integration of a refugee woman through income generating support & active participation of local residents into the social integration process
  • Supporting women enterpreneurship

Budget: 1500 Euro

Criterias to identify the beneficiary:

The beneficiary has been chosen after a long election process among more than 10 woman candidates. The basic criterias leading the selection was as follow:

  1. A visible and real need to receive a start-up support
  2. To be able to indicate that she can sustain her work in the aftermath of the project
  3. To have a proven ability or skill to run a small company by herself

Partner Institution/ Funder: Frauen für den Nahen Osten e.V, Germany


  • A happier refugee women who became owner of a tailor atelier
  • A refugee-local cooperation established as a best practice of healthy social integration

Visual Material Sample:

For more visual outputs:

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